About who I am

The name I go by online is for the most part VaporPrince, but you may also just call me Rasmus. At the moment, I am working on getting some loose Half-Life 2 maps and concepts tied up into what I'll hopefully be able to call the first version of a singleplayer mod. That is, when I'm not playing Team Fortress or doing things in real life. You can follow the early development on my Twitter, or on ModDB.

Current projects

I'm calling my Half-Life 2 mod project: ClassWave, After the fact that you can choose your own 'class' to play as + there's a gamemode in which you fend off enemies in waves. (It also sounds retro) Link to its ModDB page is included below.


Contact me

If you for any reason wish to have a correspondence with me, feel free to send something my way @ mixreman at gmail dot com. This is the current mail address I use for most of my exchanges, but you may also just contact me on Steam, if you feel like having a bit of a more casual conversation.

Aesthetics are also nice.