About the mod

ClassWave is a retro-styled modification for Half-Life 2 that is in the early stages of development. The initial release date for the demo version of the mod is June the 5th, 2018. This is just to get some content out there as soon as possible, so that feedback may be gathered early.

Experience world manipulating classes that bend the Source Engine to perform gameplay via console commands that were only really meant to be there for developer purposes. You may also taste the hint of a backstory parodying the actual Half-Life series, where everything has now taken a turn for the sillier. Whichever of those you might enjoy, ClassWave strives to be a fun and refreshing alternative to standard gameplay Half-Life 2 map packs.

Follow the development

The best place to see how things progress is definitely ClassWave's ModDB page. The link is located below. Secondary to that, I will be showcasing smaller, less significant updates on my Twitter. Feel free to follow both if you so wish.


Contact me

Got something you want to ask me about? Feel free to send me an email @ mixreman at gmail dot com. I will try to answer inquiries within a day or two.