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Follow Gregory Freemason in his adventures to get rid of the Combine once and for all. Use the newly discovered Multiverseā„¢ to acquire abilites never before thought humanly possible. Just don't forget to look for secrets!

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awp_forts was my first map made for Counter-Strike. Best suited for larger quantities of players, you would be sure to experience the fun type of chaos when playing it! Though it has sadly become defunct without me having had time to fix it, you can still check out its Steam Workshop page.

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Source and ClassWave merch

I'm also quite alright at coming up with, and making some cool designs for merchandise, even if they are mostly based on being bad in a self-conscious way. If you want to support my mapping and modding efforts, this is the way to go. For every item sold, I get about 1.5 Euros.

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